Online Guitar Lessons | אולפן הקלטות בקריות

Have you ever had a dream to play guitar?

Do you want to take your guitar skills to the next level?

Hi, I'm Maor gold- Proffessional Guitarist and Music Producer. 
7 years of experience and hundreds for students helped me to understand what every specific guitar player needs- A Guitar Mentor!

You are my project!

Every morning when the sun wakes me up I"m thinking about the fact that every person who dreams about learning the guitar-
really can and it makes me the happiest pesong on the planet!


 But unlike other study subjects, I believe that everyone needs the feedback, and yes, it doesn't matter if it makes you face the reality of your skills, but my plan is to find your perfect and fastest way to play the best that you can.


Watch this video, and get a free Mg plan for the first month!